Osaki JP650 4D


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The Osaki JP650 4D delivers an unparalleled massage experience with its 4D Massage Mechanism, 10 levels of 4D adjustment, and 32 air cell full body compression. Its SL-Track and computerized body scanning provide optimal muscle targeting while its 15 auto programs, 7 massage styles, heat therapy, and foot rollers provide custom relaxation. Enjoy your massage with our space saving technology and surround sound Bluetooth speakers.

Crafted in Japan, the JP650 is a high-tech massage chair designed for ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation. It features advanced massage techniques, heating therapy, and a variety of auto massage programs to address different needs and preferences. With its sleek design and advanced features, the JP650 is the perfect addition to any home or office space for those seeking a high-quality massage experience.

Quality from Japan
The materials of JP650 are made out of incomparable quality as this chair was crafted in Japan. With quality material from Japan, JP650 offers longlasting and value as a massage chair.
Sizeable Chair
JP650’s sizable armrests and footrest provide ample space and support for the user's arms and legs, fitting all bodies of different sizes. The larger size of this chair can provide a sense of security and comfort to the user, enhancing the overall relaxation experience.
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3D Massage Mechanism
4D Massage Mechanism
The 4D feature allows the massage rollers to protrude further out from the chair and adjust to the user's body shape. The JP650 offers 10 levels of intensity, providing a deeper and more targeted massage.
3D Massage Mechanism
Touch Screen Navigation
The JP650 includes a touchscreen controller for convenient navigation and adjustment settings.
Touch Screen Navigation
Zero Gravity Reclining
and Space Saving
Experience relaxation in a feeling of weightlessness with the JP650’s three stage zero gravity reclining. This technology was originally developed by NASA. With Space Saving Technology, you may place your massage chair 7 inches from the wall and still achieve a full recline even in a smaller space.
Zero Gravity Reclining and Space Saving
The SL-Track is Laser-Crafted Steel. The track allows the massage rollers to move from the neck and upper back down to the lower back and hamstrings, providing a full-body massage experience.
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Lumbar and Calf Heating
Help improve circulation and promote relaxation with the JP650’s lumbar heating system. These dual infrared heating coils warm and relieve tensions in the lower back and calves.
Lumbar and Calf Heating

The JP650’s Side Control Panel contains quick settings such as heating, variation in 3D massage, backrest and leg-rest adjustments.
Side Control Panel
The JP650’s Specialized Foot Rollers activate multiple acupuncture points by using scientifically designed reflexology ridges. The foot rollers contain three rollers for each foot, as they reach the entirety of the foot from toes to heels.
Specialized Foot Rollers
JP650 includes 3 layers of head pillow pads, providing customized support and comfort during a massage session. To fit their individual needs and preferences, the user can take off each layer of cover to customize the intensity of the massage before starting a session.
Specialized Foot Rollers
The JP650 features adjustable height and angle settings to accommodate users of different heights. The chair’s manual spring loaded Extendable Footrest lengthens up to 5 inches for maximum comfort.
Lumbar and Calf Heating
Bluetooth Speaker
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JP650 Dimension UprightJP650 Dimension Reclined