Osaki Ai Xrest 4D+ Platinum


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The Osaki Platinum Ai Xrest 4D+ is equipped with high-tech features, designed to provide the ultimate massage experience. It features Muscle Tension Detection, a 4D Massage Mechanism, SL-Track, surround sound Bluetooth speakers, Zero Gravity Reclining, Space Saving Technology, Feet & Lumbar Heat Therapy, 16 Auto Programs & 4 Massage Styles, an Intelligent Voice Control, an Automatic Extendable Footrest, and Intensity Level of 5-8. All of these features provide advanced relaxation and therapeutic massage effects, aiding in the relief of muscle tension and stiffness. 


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Find repose under the robust influence of attuned shoulder massage, 4 different 4D adjustment levels to reach every ache, and all automatic and manual modes at your back and call with the use of the Osaki Premium Xrest app or through Alexa. Gain a unique state of amenity with the new OP-Xrest 4D.

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Thorough Shoulder Massage
The OP-Xrest 4D incorporates an air bag compression system to give a meticulous massage to your shoulders and neck. The Xrest shoulder massage has 20 shoulder airbags that perfectly contour to your shoulders!

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4D Massage Mechanism
The Xrest is a four-dimensional massage chair with 5 levels of adjustable speed and strength, 4 levels of intensity and width. Additionally, the Xrest is equipped with the ability to spot-treat or partially massage the back area.
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Touchscreen Controller
The OP-Xrest 4D remote is now a touchscreen controller for straightforward navigation and adjustment settings. The swivel mount easily allows the touchscreen to be positioned at many angles.
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Attachable Magnetic Pillow
The OP-Xrest 4D includes a magnetic pillow, allowing you to attach it to the side of the massage chair while you enjoy your massage routine. Attach the pillow to the left side of the chair before massage to ensure a proper shoulder massage.
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The SL-Track is made up of Laser-Crafted Steel. The track allows the massage rollers to effortlessly touch the entirety of your body. The SL-Track reaches all the way from your neck and shoulders to your hamstrings.
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Negative Oxygen Ions
The Xrest is furnished with built-in air ionization therapy. According to research, negative air ionization therapy assists in relieving stress and boosting energy.
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Zero Gravity Reclining and Space Saving
Experience relief in a state of weightlessness with the OP-Xrest 4D’s one stage zero gravity reclining. This imperative technology was originally developed by NASA. With Osaki’s Space Saving Technology, you may set your Xrest 3 inches from the wall and still achieve a complete recline.
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Lumbar & Feet Heating
Abandon unwanted stiffness with the Xrest lumbar and feet heating system. These heating coils effectively warm and alleviates soreness along the lower back and feet.
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The OP-Xrest 4D Specialized Foot Rollers are uniquely designed to activate numerous acupuncture points through the method of scientifically designed reflexology ridges. The foot extenders contain three rollers for each foot, for they assist in a complete massage from heel to toe.
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Made with any user in mind. The Xrest was designed for users of different heights and body types. The chair’s automatic Extendable Footrest elongates up to 9 inches for peak comfort.
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The OP-Xrest 4D Side Control Panel consists of quick settings such as heating, airbags changes, variation in 4D massage, backrest and legrest adjustments.
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USB Charging Port
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Phone Charging Surface
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Bluetooth Surround Sound
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LED Light Therapy
with Dome Cover
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LED Mood Lighting
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